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Akeba A.Hunters Magmabona "Keba"

Look Out for Lloyd


C.I.B, Nord.Uch, DK Uch, Nord.W-10, NO.W-13 BISS-11, RuBISS-12, BISS-12, BIS-13



Inavelsgrad 0,8%

SE UCH, FI UCH, SE VCH Akeba A.Hunters Magmabona "Keba"



C.I.B, Nord.Uch, DK Uch, Nord.W-10, NO.W-13 BISS-11, RuBISS-12, BISS-12, BIS-13 Schavano's Look Out for Lloyd

Date of birth: 2009-04-14

Date of birth: 2008-12-28

Regnr: S46679/2009

Regnr: NO32183/09

Height: 64cm

Height: 68cm

Weigh:t 35kg

Weight: 44kg

Hips: a/a (clear)

Hips: a/a (clear)

Elbows: 0/0 (clear)

Elbows: 0/0 (clear)

Dental status: full set,
correct sissorbite
Dental status: full set,
correct sissorbite

Mental Test: Yes

BPH: Yes









About Keba!


Akeba A Hunters Magmabona "Keba" is our latest addition.
Keba was born on Magmabonas Kennel in the Czech Republic (Prague)) and was one out of ten puppies, eight blacknosed and two liver.
The litter was correct except for one sinus and one ridgefault
Mom to Keba is the Czech bitch Aliss Brassil Zuleikha, Czech champion and a highly stable and nice female.


Dad to Keba is Rachral Abayomi Hintza, a dog of Dutch origin but now living in Germany
He is international champion and is among other things known for his exeptional movements and fantastic mentality

Keba is a stable and very social Ridgeback with lots of energy and willingness to work.
She is well balanced with good bone, strong back, great ridge, and a head and expression out of the ordinary.
Like her father she got fantastic movements.


Keba imported in the hope of finding the perfect mentality
and with hindsight we think we succeeded.
She is simply the kind of dog that you just can not help but love!


Kebas mental description was one of the best we've seen and shows an outstanding social skills and playfulness, combined great curiosity and a lot of courage.
She is completely shotsafe and shows a total lack of residual fears.
What more could you want?


In 2010 she became Swedish Tracking Champion after three straight first places.

In 2012 Keba got her first fantastic litter.

In 2013, she became both Swedish and Finnish show champion and is now candidate for the international show championship.

Kebas biggest interest is probably tracking, hunting , bicycle with Tord and all kinds of competitions and of course, if the opportunity arises, to curl up and snuggle in someone's lap.

She is a fantastic follower and the best friend a man could wish for


About Lloyd!


Lloyd is a stunning Rhodesian Ridgeback male.

He is full of joy and energy, and really knows how to charm people around him.

Lloyd likes to greet everyone that contacts him during our walks, and he loves playing in the snow, running after sticks as well as bathing in the sea.

He also likes to invite other dogs for playing, even if he doesn't know them, and he has this wonderful body language that makes other dominant male dogs, quite silent and kind. He' never participate in fights, and he is a good balanced and calm dog.

Lloyd is 1 of 9 siblings, and is from the combination Shavano's I am Jambo (bitch) and Kangelanis Gentle Tanzi by Clay (sire) .

Togehter we live in Oslo, Norway

Owner: Eline Espolin-Johnsson


Lloyd is the top winning RR in Norway 2013, he has really rocked the rings this year at the few shows he entered, with among others Best in show 1, 3 and 4 and the highest point score in the club since 4 years


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