African Hunter's E-litter

Club Champion of KCHRR

Azizi Nille KwaNyoni

SE UCH SE VCH African Hunters Amazing Catwoman "Emma"

Inavelsgrad 1,6%


Date of birth: 2011-04-06

Date of birth:2012-03-17



Height: 70 cm

Height: 65cm

Weight:47 kg

Weight: 36 kg

Hips: a/a (clear)

Hips: a/a (clear)

Elbows: 0/0 (clear)

Elbows: 0/0 (clear)

Dental status: full set,
correct sissorbite

OCD: negative
Spondylosis - negative
Hemophilia B - XHY (healthy male)
Dilution - D/D
DM - N/N

JME: Not carrier




Dental status:
full set, correct sissorbite
DM - N/N


BPH: Yes

Mental Test: Yes



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Azizi comes from Czech Rhodesian Ridgeback kennel
named KwaNyoni from a litter with 11 correct puppies
(3 died due to complicated childbirth).


His mother Carrie Ann is one of the most successful dogs
in Czech Republic. She received many awards in the field of work and shows... His father Abuya Balou was one of the most popular stud dog in Europe and his quality we can
see in many of his offspring.

Azizi is a very elegant and masculine male with a beautiful head, dark eyes, great set of ears, long body and neck, excellent angulation, strong legs with correctly clenched paws and good depth and length of chest.

Azizi is a calm and flegmatic dog. He doesn't have any problem getting along with people, children or other dogs. New or unusual situations is nor a problem.
He is just a very stable dog!


Azizi is also very successful at dogshows.
Even though he is not a frequent participant in the
showring, he have had a fantastic showcareer.

He can boast titles as Champion of CZ, Champion of PL
and Club Champion of KCHRR, The Best Dog of KCHRR CS 2013 and multi winner of Best Male Head.





Emma is from our C-litter and both she and all of her sibblings have an outstanding mentality Her dad is
CV SE UCH FI UCH LP1 SE VCH African Hunters Amazing Bakervill "Minos" who really is a eye catching dog with both exterial and mental qualities. He become Best in show at the world winner circuit show 2008 with more then 240 atending dogs.

Her mother is the Czech imported bitch
Akeba A.Hunters Magmabona "Keba" even she with an extraordinery mentality and with fantastic movements.

Behind both of this dogs you can find a lot of famous and well known names in the Pedigree.


About Emma (The owners story, Monica Andersson)

Emma is a cheerful and lively dog. Curious about everything.

She loves to collect toys from her toybox and likes to play with somone in the family or by herself if no one else is up for it.
She is calm and selfsecure in all environments which makes her an easy dog to have in any context.

Emma loves to be wrapped with blankets. Emma is always where I am and she likes to be close and be petted. She loves playing with other dogs and her favorite game is being chased.

She has been successful in both the show ring and in wild track competions.
BPH and MT (mentally test) indicates an extremely mentally stable dog that would not hesitate to defend her owner but quickly switches over and becomes calm again when the situation permits that.

She is curious and mentally stable with good nerves and quick ability to lower stress level.

She is a dog who always makes her owner proud

Emma is both Swedish beauty champion and Swedish fieldtrack champion.





By this combination we expect socially and mentally very stable dogs with lots of motor and willingness to work. We also expect an elegant, and typical extrior with very good movements and fantastic expressions. And last but not least, wonderful, faithful and lovley companions!


We like to thank Emmas owner Monica Andersson who let us use this wonderful bitch for our upcoming E-litter.
Without you this hasn't been possible!
We also want like to thank  Lucie Šimková for letting us use Azizi. This fantasic and stunning male!


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